Find The Treasure – Win Bitcoin

A new MineCraft server called SatoshiQuest has recently been launched where players can roam vast landscapes online in search of treasure in the form of real Bitcoin!

Players use Bitcoin to buy lives and have the opportunity to find and win the Treasure, which comes from the pooled entry fees paid by all players.

SatoshiQuest In-Game
How Do You Play SatoshiQuest?

When a player first logs in they are given a BTC deposit address for their account. Once they have topped up their account with funds they can be used to buy lives.

It costs $1 USD in Bitcoin to buy a life and the USD/BTC rates are updated every 15 minutes.

10% of the entry fees are paid as a developer fee while the rest goes into the Treasure chest. When someone wins the Treasure they are paid 50% of the pot, with the other 50% going into the pot for the next round.

To keep the game exciting, when a player comes close to the location of the Treasure, their location will be broadcast to all the other players to create an exciting race to the finish.

At the moment all transactions are processed on chain, so if the fees are higher than the loot amount then no transfer will take place and the game will reset.

This looks like a great opportunity for Lightning Network integration, and the developer has expressed some interest in the idea.

SatoshiQuest is opensource on Github so head here if you’d like to contribute to development.

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