The latest Beta version of the popular Wallet of Satoshi for Android and iOS has been released boasting exciting new features including....

  • An option to log in to your Wallet of Satoshi account on multiple devices!

    Useful for restoring your balance on a new phone, or when you want to use your existing account on multiple devices.

  • New logo and splash screen

    A striking new logo incorporates a lightning bolt into the text using Wallet of Satoshi's signature colour scheme. The new App icon is simple, bright and easy to find on your phone.

  • Extract LN Invoice from other text

    This regularly requested feature allows you to copy an invoice straight from a tweet even if it is nested within other text and emojis. Very useful for the #LNTrustChain !

  • Bug fixes and Improvements

    Improve display for small screen sizes, speed up top-up screen and many other minor fixes.

Download the latest version here. If you have any feedback or need assistance restoring your account or making payments, feel free to contact

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