Bitcoiners Always Find A Way

With worldwide shutdowns and quarantines affecting almost every industry, it was looking like the days of Bitcoin Meetups were a thing of the past.

Thinking such a thing though, would prove to be as shortsighted as a Bitcoin obituary itself (and we’ve seen PLENTY of those).

If there was ever a group of people to see the potential for technology to help, it is Bitcoiners.

How Technology Is Helping Bitcoin Meetups

While we have seen many workplaces moving to video-conferencing services like Zoom to keep business operations running, Bitcoiner Udi Wertheimer had a much cooler idea for a meetup.

Through the AltspaceVR platform there is now a weekly Bitcoin Meetup held in Virtual Reality!

You can set up an avatar and sit in on a virtual world, learning some great insights from some of the sharpest minds in the space.

This is a really unique kind of experience, as you are now able to interact in real time with people all over the world without having to splash out on expensive travel to an event.

The meetups are organised through a Telegram group and are currently scheduled to run weekly.

You can join the Bitcoin VR Telegram group to learn about upcoming meetups here -

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