Step 1 : How much of your pay do you want in Bitcoin?

Step 2 :

1. You tell us how much of your salary you want converted to Bitcoin each pay-day. You can update this at any time.

2. Inform your Employer that you want your pay account details changed to Your Unique Payroll Details above.
You can do this by downloading, signing and sending our simple, pre-filled Salary Transfer form.

3. When your wages are received, the BTC portion is instantly converted and sent to your Wallet of Satoshi, then the $AUD remainder is paid straight into your regular bank account.

You will also earn 20 Rewards Points per dollar for the BTC portion of your Wage to redeem for gifts, gadgets or cash!

BTC Conversion Fee: 4.9% + GST
AUD Transfer Fee: Zero
No other fees apply

Use this service safe in the knowledge that Living Room of Satoshi is fully regulated and is the first and only Bitcoin company with an Australian Financial Services Licence. (AFSL: 507130)